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TagPrint®PRO 3.0

Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors and Decrease Time Spent Producing Labels with a Complete Labeling Management Solution.

Our labeling system is comprised of the feature-rich labeling design software -TagPrint® Pro 3.0, the highest quality thermal transfer, laser and ink jet printable labels, and a complete line of desk top thermal transfer printers.

Simplify Your Label Design and Printing Process with TagPrint Pro 3.0

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 is the cost-effective, easy-to-use label design and printing software in our labeling system for achieving improved efficiency in wire and component marking, asset tagging, and structured cabling identification. Compatible with Windows® 7, Vista and XP as well as future operating systems such as Windows® 8, TagPrint® Pro 3.0 delivers an individualized, task-based experience that enables a user to easily develop labels with bar codes, text and graphics to meet numerous applications.

Designed for the industry specific needs of a business producing products on a shop floor or labeling products at a remote job site, the intuitive interface of TagPrint® Pro 3.0 simplifies the process of creating labels. TagPrint® Pro 3.0 streamlines labeling production by offering a user full control over the importing or entering of data, advanced security features, the option to group label designs under a single file name or job number, and the ability to batch print to either one or more printers at the same time.

Increase efficiency and reduce labor. TagPrint® Pro 3.0 allows for complete management of the labeling production process with a label design software system that simplifies the label creation process used to identify cables, tubes, conduits, components and equipment.

Familiar task-based navigation

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 has a Ribbon interface that offers quick and easy access to the commands that are needed to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups, which are collected together under tabs. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as "Label", "Table", "Print", and "Utility".
At-a-glance Interface

Whether it is one label or a page of labels, the TagPrint® Pro 3.0 interface was designed to allow ease of control over print jobs from a single screen. Information is viewable at a glance so a user can view object properties, data information, and actual label layout at the same time. When changes are made, information is updated.
Batch printing

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 has a "Print-Later" feature for the purpose of batching under one file name in a simple print utility. Using built-in Macros, design each label and then define print options for execution at time of printing. Access the project file and concurrently print labels to a single printer or multiple printers.
Built-in security

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 offers a built-in security system for the
restriction of use or protection of data. This feature allows the user to lockout or password protect label designs and data tables from unauthorized label editing. Available for purchase as a single-user or network license.
Expanded Import Capabilities and "Live Sync"

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 has the ability to import a database that has been exported from another program (i.e., CAD) or connect to existing database (i.e., Excel) files with the added ability to sync up to that database at timed intervals set by the user. If enabled, this feature allows variable information to be updated automatically so that print data is fully controlled from one location without a manual refresh at each computer terminal.
"PIN" Favorites

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 allows the user to "PIN" saved label designs and data tables making them immediately available in the file menu.
Editing Convenience

Label designs can be edited in Portrait or Landscape mode, as well as show the direction of label feed next to the design.
Single-User License or Network Version Available

TagPrint® Pro 3.0 is available as a single-user license or as a network version which allows a user to share printers, label designs, and data tables from multiple workstations within a single location.
TagPrint® Pro 3.0 is What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) label creation software with practical pull-down menus and a wide array of design options.
In PREVIEW mode, view multiple labels on a sheet at one time.
Word Art for user creation of unique text.
Open and print multiple label designs at one time.
Save label designs as .jpg, or .xml files.
Scale text size by simply increasing or decreasing the text box size on the label design.
Scale text by height or width or by character spacing.
Auto-distribute text.
Draw lines and boxes.
Text path capabilities (make text go in a circle).
TagPrint® Pro 3.0 allows for various templates and data tables to be open concurrently.
Manipulate graphics by forcing them to fit or automatically centering them in a specified area.
Easily link graphics to the table for adding different graphics to different labels.
Software includes hundreds of clip art images (or use your own).
Flip, rotate, inverse or mirror image graphics and text.
Adjust opacity of text and graphics.
Human readable on top, side or bottom of the bar code.
Control the position of the barcode properties box in TagPrint® Pro 3.0.
Allow “bold” text in the bar code.
Print the most popular bar code symbologies. Datamatrix ECC 200, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 128,
EAN/UCC 128, QR Code, EAN 13, Interleaved 2/5, PDF417, UPC-A as well as many other types.
Preview the barcodes on-screen before printing to ensure they will fit in the space provided.
Control bar code specifications such as module, ratio, compensation and height.
Full software control of printer features and settings, eliminating the need to go to the printer driver.
PREVIEW mode allows the user to check accuracy prior to printing.
Print to virtually all thermal transfer, laser, ink jet or dot matrix printers with a valid 32 or 64 bit
Windows or Windows NT driver.
Select a "Do Not Print" option for specific objects on the label.
Allows the user to customize the print functions.
Stores heat and speed settings in the template, when saved.
Open imported files directly into the table.
Reuse the same table with different label designs.
Create serial numbers automatically.
TagPrint® Pro 3.0 will auto size text when printing from a table.
Data in the table will text wrap so that all the data in a cell is always visible.
Copy rows to columns automatically.
Use Short-cuts.
Cut and paste between cells.
Insert and delete columns and rows.
Import using the ASCII or OBDC utility field.
Store saved label designs in each row of a column within a single table.
Print multiple, different label designs from a single table.
BMP Bitmap, EMF Windows Metafile (Extended), GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, PCX, WMF

Single User:
PC running Microsoft Windows XP, SP3, Vista SP1 or later, Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit
.NET Framework 4
512 MB RAM (XP SP3)
1.0 GB RAM (Vista / Windows 7)
500 MB Available Hard Disk Space

Made in the USA.

Network User:

PC running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
.NET Framework 4
Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2008
1.0 GM RAM
500 MB Available Hard Disk Space
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